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Rod Kelly Connecticut NH Hypnotherapy

Rev. Rod Kelly, Founder of Eye of the Eagle Wellness & Integrative Wellness Center, is changing people’s understanding and awareness of true healing and the effective and proven natural ways to create physical and emotional energetic balance. This balance, complemented with other healing modalities and principles of the science of Physics, is what helps Rev. Rod’s clients experience impressive healing results.

“When the Higher-Self becomes involved in resolving issues, the natural reluctance of change is often eliminated and the new positive patterns of behavior and health are readily accepted, often become permanent.”

Healing is a natural process and Diseases and Illness’ are the Coagulation of Negative Energies. By learning how to tap into the forces of Nature, you can intensify and expand your aura and diminish the area of concern.

The development of a strong connection with your own Higher-Self also strengthens our connections to our instincts, insight and our inspirations to allow you to become self-realized.

“It all begins with learning how to totally open the channels of communication with your own Higher-Self.”

“No one has a more vested interest in your health than you do. Learn how you can become your own greatest healer.”

 Now Providing Consultations & Self-Healing Training at the Following Locations:


66 Meril Court
Bristol, CT 06010

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